Who are Edie & Rona?

My name is Julie and I am the founder of Edie & Rona. Please allow me to proudly introduce the two amazing Ladies behind our name.

The Story of Edie & Rona

In an age of ever advancing technology, increasing data consumption and impossibly fast paced lives, my Mum often asks me ”what would your Grandmother’s make of this?”

Rona was one of my Grandmas. If alive today she would be 97 and I’m not sure what she would say if she could see my 6 year old doing her maths homework on a tablet (not the stone kind), watching a movie from the back of a car seat and pinching her Grandma’s phone to play Candy Crush (thanks Mum!)”

There’s no one quite like Grandma

Rona was an amazing Lady who sadly was only in my life until I was just 13. She didn’t see me go to University, get a coveted Grad job with one of the largest companies in the world, meet & marry the love of my life Chris, or welcome our gorgeous baby girl Marnie into this world. She missed it.

The youngest of 9, she lived through the war, served as a Wren, moved to the Isle of Man and brought my Mum up without the support of a man by her side. She was incredible. She taught me to bake and I remember her smell of Oil of Olay and Honey Tunes more vividly than anything else in this world.

As a little girl, Edie was the name I gave to my imaginary baby girl when playing Dress Up so it was only fitting that my husband's Grandma was called Edie! Edie Henderson was a loving Grandma to Chris & 6 other grandchildren who have passed on many fond memories over the years to help me feel like I knew her too. Her name was passed to her only daughter Edith which we also gave to Marnie as her middle name. I didn’t get to meet Edie but her stories stay with me as I try to build an empire & a future of our Marnie Edith.


Handwritten notes or text messages?

Our Grandmothers never met but were from a time of handwritten notes, love letters and endless to do lists. They didn’t have calendars to sync families, email reminders flashing up on multiple screens and they certainly didn’t have a little guy in a mobile phone who knows the answer to EVERYTHING!

Instead they were organised & lived within their means and they were resourceful & inspirational. Their style stays with me too, silk headscarves, framed handbags and impeccable manners. Everything a girl should have or be. Surely, they would chose a handwritten note over a text message any day of the week and twice on a Sunday?

Edie & Rona inspired everyone around them and they continue to inspire me today. Keeping their memory and stories alive isn’t just for me, Chris & Marnie, it is also for my Mum who lost her best friend in Rona and for the Hendersons who have lost not one but two fabulous Edie’s.

Thank you Edie & Rona, for being so Stylishly Organised.

Lots of Love

Julie Brian, founder of Edie & Rona Ltd.