'To Do' List - 10 reasons why you should make one!

Making a 'to do' list is good for you. FACT!

Back in the 1920's a Russian Psychologist called Bluma Zeigarnik collected scientific evidence to suggest that the act of planning activities through to-do lists can reduce the burden on the brain. Here at Edie & Rona, we do everything we can to get Stylishly Organised and we ALWAYS have a 'to do' list on the go.

Here is a list of 10 reasons why making a 'to do' list will help you too:

  1. Help prioritise everything you have on your plate each day - this will avoid an unhealthy 'information overload situation'.
  2. Provide you with a sense of purpose when you just don't know where to start.
  3. Break down the large projects so you can celebrate small achievements - imagine how you will feel when you start to cross off your daily tasks!
  4. Add some deadlines will help minimise any procrastination (we all do it, right?). Be realistic with your timings though - or you'll be writing the same list tomorrow!
  5. You'll sleep better! Keep a notepad & pen next to your bed to capture all the things that come to you just as you are trying to sleep.
  6. Feeling (stylishly) organised can make you feel less anxious and more able to cope.
  7. Help share the load - a family planner detailing what needs to be done each day takes the burden off your shoulders.
  8. Add on your shopping list - save time by having to pop back to the shops for the things you always forget.
  9. Include detail for each task within your  to do list ; this suggests each task is more likely to get done.
  10. Feel in control - if you've written it down, you are on your way. Good Luck!

Need some Inspiration?

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