Stationery is at the heart of Edie & Rona

My Name is Julie and I'm a Stationery Addict!

Rona & I c.1989

By now, you may have read my first blog post- ‘Who are Edie & Rona’? It explains a little about the inspirational women behind the brand and the reason for dedicating my new business (& dream) to two special Grandma’s who influenced me. What that post doesn’t tell you is, why stationery?

This post will share you a little about why I started this business and why I have selected the categories & products available on the site.


I don't know when it started, but I have been in love with stationery for as long as I can remember.  I’m not just talking about notebooks & pads, I mean rubbers (every shape & smell you can imagine), pencils (you know the ones, with a novelty on the end that will remain unsharpened for the rest of its life!) and funny shaped post-it notes (like the doughnut ones that you can’t actually write on!). And don’t even get me started on boxes… they deserve a blog post all to themselves!


Every holiday as a child, I scoured gift shops all over the place to find just the right addition to my collection. Today, I am still the same, substituting gift shops for department stores and cute little boutiques; between them they cover the luxury brands and the quirky ‘ooh, I’ve never seen that before’ that you just have to buy. Come on now, I know it’s not just me;  it’s surprising how many people said ‘oh, I just love stationery’ when I started talking about Edie & Rona. You are safe here, we are all addicted to lovely stuff that brightens your day.


This addiction love stayed with me through school & university, following me into a 20 year corporate career where I was lucky enough to sell some of the worlds largest brands. I quickly learned that to survive in the work place, I needed my armour! I needed the right kit to give me confidence, get me organised and keep me individual. It’s as simple as a quality notebook & pen keeping me from blending into the crowd; signalling to my colleagues & bosses that I am someone to be reckoned with. I’m not the sheep who just takes the plain black & red notebook out of the stationery cupboard. I am thoughtful, resourceful and good at my job.


Coming Soon!

Everything you will see on the website has been chosen because I love it and I really hope you love it too. My friends are keeping me on the right track when I am choosing new stuff with the ‘nice, but who will use that apart from you?’ comments! My favourite so far has been from my sister Tracey with a ‘nice, but where’s the colour!’ comment So, if you see a pop more colour appearing in the Notebook category over the next couple of weeks you know why!


Hopefully this helps bring you some insight into how I got here today….. Sitting in my little office embarking on one the most exciting (& terrifying) journeys I could have ever hoped to be on.

Lots of Love

Julie Brian

Grandaughter of the lovely Rona & founder of Edie & Rona Ltd.

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