Play Purse has arrived with iconic designs!

Memories will come flooding back with Play Purse!

As a child of the late 70's, I can just about remember having a cute little pink purse with brightly coloured beads all over. I used it to keep my pocket money in and it pretty much went everywhere with me! Sadly, as the (many) years have passed and I have moved house many times through University and around London, I have no idea what happened to it!

Play Purse Beaded Purses

Fortunately, I don't need to go trawling through the boxes in my Mum's attic because Play Purse have resurrected the cute beaded coin purses we all have so many found memories of.  They have also added a few larger designs as a nod to the more sophisticated times we find ourselves in. Smartphone aren't getting any smaller!

The Play Purse Collection

Each collection is a limited edition so once a design has gone, it's gone! At Edie & Rona, we have chosen a number of small coin purses in 4 different colours.

And, we have added more practical wristlets and large clutches to the range. Us 70s & 80s kids come with a bit more baggage these days..... phone, keys, lips, credit card.........

Play Purse Wristlet Purses

I found Play Purse at a fashion event back in October last year and am so proud I have built Edie & Rona to become a brand worthy of representing such stylish accessories. I really hope you love these new additions to the site as much as I do.

Finally, if my sister Tracey is reading this..... your Birthday present for the end of May is sorted! And, hopefully there will be a few new designs ready for Christmas too? Here's hoping!

As ever, I welcome your feedback on all the products we stock at Edie & Rona so feel free to drop me a line at

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Julie xx

Founder- Edie & Rona.

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