Meet the Designer- Stephanie Dyment

Stephanie Dyment- Greeting Card Designer

Here at Edie & Rona, we have carefully curated our range from the best boutique brands across stationery, greeting cards, desk accessories & gifts and we would love for you to get to know some of our designers better.

Here in the first of our 'Meet the Designer' series, we proudly present award winning greeting card designer Stephanie Dyment.

Here is a little bit about Stephanie

Stephanie is a creative at heart, completely passionate about what she does. In love with pattern and colour and flowers and of course greeting cards! A busy Mum of 2, constantly trying to juggle everything like everyone else!

What is the story behind the ‘Stephanie Dyment brand?

The Stephanie Dyment brand is all about, quality, desirable, beautiful feminine design. I love playing with colour and feeding that into everything I do.

Where do you get your design inspiration from?

Edie & Rona's Favourite Greeting Card!

I love to explore blogs and design websites as there is so much inspiring stuff out there in all areas, fashion, interiors, typography, photography……..I love to absorb it all however I have to love what I design so ultimately I design what I love! It has to feel right and sit with me well!

What’s your favourite part of the creative process and why?

My biggest passion is colour, it gives me enormous satisfaction to develop exciting colour palletes for a design. I love designing for our 'Colour me happy' range as its such an open and free range that it allows for lots of colour to be used all together. I never tire of colour, its new and exciting every time.

What were you doing before launching your own greeting card designs?

 I worked as a senior designer at a leading greeting card company for 7 years, and then left to work on a freelance basis for a few years which was thoroughly enjoyable as I was able to explore licensing opportunities.

I then had my 2 little ones who keep me constantly busy, and
then the time finally felt right to finally take the plunge and start my own card company.

What has been your great achievement in your career to date?

In 2004 I was lucky enough to visit Japan on an inspiration trip, from which I developed the card range Stephanierose. This range was hugely popular and sold millions of card worldwide and grew into a large range that is still selling 12 years on! I am hugely proud to have developed and been able to extend the range to be relevant for over a decade.

Due to the success of the range, I was awarded with 2 industry awards for ‘Best Contemporary Trend range’ and ‘Most Promising Young Designer’ at the prestigious Henry Awards in 2005.

Some fun stuff……

Most amazing holiday destination you would recommend


What did you want to be when you were a kid?

A teacher

Email or hand written note?


Who would you take as your date to the Oscars?

My mum

Highlighter or Fountain Pen?

Highlighter of course, the brighter the better!!

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