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Did you know that Autumn can be a busy AND an expensive month? The reason is that more babies are born in September and October than any other time of the weather in the England & Wales (source - So, we thought you might need some Birthday Present Ideas??

Here at Edie & Rona, we know the feeling! It would have been Rona's birthday this month too so keep your eyes peeled for a special promotion on 26th September! Did you know, that this date is the most common birthday date of the year (9 months after Christmas Day!!).

Need some inspiration - here are a few Birthday Present ideas?

So, who are you buying for over the next couple of months? To help you get Stylishly Organised with your birthday present shopping, here are some ideas for you:

The Stationery Lover

You know who we're talking about! She has a notebook for everything and loves to write things down rather than convert to modern technology. She's fit in well at Edie & Rona! Here a couple of luxury stationery brands she probably knows all about - Rifle Paper Co, Studio Sarah London & Katie Leamon.

Rifle Paper Co Notebook Rifle Paper Co. Jardin de Paris Memoir Notebook (A5) - £13.00
Studio Sarah London Notebooks Studio Sarah London - Classic Notebook Set (Save £5) - £25
Katie Leamon Marble Notebook Katie Leamon Marble Notebook - £8.75

The Girl Who Has Everything

She's super organised, loves new technology and is always up on celebrity gossip - she's got it all! Or so you think. Does she have an Emergency Kit to get her out of all kinds of scraps on a work day, holiday or night out?

Black, Silver or Rose Gold - £12.00

The Planner

She uses a paper diary.... and always will! We love her already! Here are a couple of ideas for Mid Year (start using immediately), 2018 and a Perpetual Calendar to use as & when.

Rifle Paper Co 17 month planner - 2017 & 2018
Lulu Guinness Diary -2018
Smitten on Paper - Planner

The Accessories Queen

Have you lost count of the number of purses, clutches, pouches & umbrellas she has? Well, she obviously loves them so why not add to her collection (she may even let you borrow it?)

Play Purse Beaded Purses Play Purse Maxi Clutch - £40
Katie Loxton 'Perfect Pouch' - one for her, one for you

I hope this has given you a starter for ten? We have lots more gorgeous stationery, desk accessories and travel items if you are stick stuck for ideas. Head over to our full gift section on our website now: GIFTS

And once you've picked the present, don't forget the card & wrapping paper:

Stylish Greetings Cards & Wrapping Paper

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