Affordable & Stylish Wedding Invitations

Find Affordable & Stylish Wedding Invitations at Edie & Rona.

Wedding invitations often set the tone of the big day itself but when budget is a major consideration, you may want an affordable yet stylish option to send out to your guests.

Stylish Post Card Invitations

So many couples opt for bespoke wedding invitations these days but if it's not your thing, we have chosen a select range of post card style invites so you can write your own. The calligraphy trend isn't going anywhere so if you enjoy writing and you've got a neat hand, give these packs a try. At £5 each, they won't break the bank - affordable and stylish!

Save the Date Cards

If you stick to traditional wedding invitation etiquette, you won't be sending out your invites until six to eight weeks before the big day ( Regardless, these days its an absolute must to send a save the date to make sure you secure the attendance of all your closest friends & family. I recently received one for a wedding in 18 months time! It's a good job I'm Stylishly Organised enough to keep the save the date card in my perpetual planner from Smitten on Paper. 








Did you forget anyone?

Our packs are also great if you've left someone off your original list when you ordered your main invitations. They come in packs of 5 and are fantastic to keep on hand if you have a few extras to add or replace anyone that has RSVP'd with a 'No thank you'.








Extra guests for the Evening only?

We all do it..... invite a few people from work, friends of your Mum..... you know who I mean! You have nothing against them but you don't know them that well and you just can't squeeze them onto the table plan for the whole day. We have the perfect solution, a cute little card to make them feel special without it breaking the bank.

If we don't have the quantity cards in stock just give us a call or drop an email to so we can get them in ASAP for you.

Good luck with your wedding planning - check out our wedding planners & accessories here so you can make your day as Stylishly Organised as possible.


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